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Diana C. Cuello, PhD.

What is Tele-Analysis?

Tele-analytic services are a form of psychological service provided via phone or other telecommunications technology, such as video chat. Tele-analysis has the same purpose as face-to-face, in-person psychoanalysis. The same laws and professional standards that apply to in-person psychoanalysis services also apply to tele-analysis services.


Technology Requirements

To engage in tele-analysis services with Dr. Cuello, you will need a network-connected phone or a computer with private, secure internet access and webcam ability. By signing this consent, you agree to use only adequate, secure, private, password-protected technology for tele-analytic services.

Security and Technology Issues

Dr. Cuello uses for video tele-analysis services. is HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH compliant. Dr. Cuello always utilizes a password protected, private internet connection when providing tele-analysis services. Despite best efforts to ensure security, there is always a risk that the transmission could be accessed by unauthorized persons. In addition, tele-analysis services could be disrupted by unforeseen technical problems.



While using tele-analysis services there is a risk that you will be overheard by someone nearby. It is important that you have full confidence that you will not be overheard during your tele-analytic sessions. You are responsible for ensuring your privacy on your end of the transmission. Dr. Cuello will ensure that your privacy is secured on her end of the transmission.

Note also that exceptions to your confidentiality that exist for face-to-face therapy also apply to tele-analytic services. Such exceptions can occur if you pose a serious threat to someone’s health or safety, including your own, if you disclose child or elder abuse, or if a court order mandates disclosure of your information.


Record Keeping

Tele-analysis sessions will never be recorded in any way by anyone. Dr. Cuello will maintain a record of your session in the same way she does for in-person sessions.

Backup Plan and Emergencies

If a phone session is interrupted by technological problems, Dr. Cuello will call you back immediately. If a video session is interrupted by technological problems, Dr. Cuello will immediately attempt to reconnect with you. If she cannot reach you via video after a couple of attempts, she will call you back on the phone to make arrangements to continue the session. If you are unable to connect in these ways, Dr. Cuello will text or email you to make further arrangements.

Appropriateness of

Tele-Analysis Services

Although research suggests that tele-analysis is just as effective as in-person psychoanalysis, you may have concerns or problems with meeting for sessions in this way. If so, you agree to discuss these concerns or problems with Dr. Cuello. You may withdraw your consent for tele-analytic services at any time and it will not affect your right to further treatment. Dr. Cuello may also decide that tele-analysis sessions are not appropriate for your therapy.  If so, you may opt to continue sessions in-person or request referrals for other services.

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