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what our work will entail

I invite you to trust me with the meanderings of your thoughts. To be curious about what you may be saying in the repetitions you find yourself in. Listening to you, your idiosyncrasies, and your fears, I will always privilege what you say more than what you meant to say. 


Rather than “fixing” or “changing” your symptom, I will punctuate what you are already saying in both word and action. To that end you will articulate your dreams, fantasies, thoughts, and reveries.

My attention will be focused on the linguistic and homophonous patterns of your speech, with the aim of distilling the suffering from your words and produce something else, perhaps a creative practice, in its stead.


In finally hearing that which emanates from beyond your ego, you may be able to voice something closer to that which you want. 


Your singular desire.


Psychoanalysis, as I practice, is a creative inventive endeavor. I think of our enigmatic patterns as our symptoms. The symptom, a singular communication from your unconscious is asking you for a translator.


As a psychoanalyst, I aim to listen to what your unconscious is already “saying” through your symptoms and suffering. This practice does not offer an end to suffering, rather it offers a way to suffer differently. The work of analysis is the analysand's developing a new “knowledge” or “savoir;” a knowing what to do with the symptom.

Let’s journey through your repetitive symptomatic patterns together.

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