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The Clinic of the Dream

Monthly, January to April, 1st Fridays, 9-11am Pacific Standard time

In this seminar participants will present clinical sessions that include dreams.  Following Freud and Lacan, we will consider the dream as a rupture of the unconscious from an Other scene, not as a narrative with a hidden meaning.  The seminar will consider the field of the Other and the place of the analyst in guiding the analysand to hear the rupture of a dream and its signifiers through the fundamental rule of free association.


We invite participants to bring something close to verbatim sessions that include dreams and dream fragments. What rupture may have constructed the dream?  What signifiers already present in the analysis did it evoke or elaborate?  If there is a navel in the dream, what is the navel?  If the dream is a nightmare, where was it interrupted?  Is there a second navel created around the associations?  What drives of the body may have been mobilized?  


The case we are exploring here is not a case study of the patient, but the case of the-analyst-in training working under constraints of the Lacanian clinic and transference.  We will ask presenters to speak about each time the analyst speaks or remains silent, and to explain these interventions in the unfolding dream work.  We will also ask for the subsequent session, including any new dream, so that we can learn something of the effects of the interventions.

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